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Karen Pientka


Dog Runner/Walker/Biker

This idea has been a thought in the back of my mind for a while and I finally decided it was time to combine my two biggest passions, dogs and fitness, into a unique business that can help both dogs and their owners live happier lives.  My two weimaraners, Deja & Chance are my best workout partners.  I regularly run and bike with them not only because I enjoy it but because they absolutely need to burn that weimaraner energy on a daily basis.  My dogs love to exercise at a higher pace, as a result they are calmer, happier, healthier and in great shape!  I know that K9 VIP can bring those benefits to dogs in the community as well.   I am committed to creating a team of athletic dog lovers who believe in our concept and want to help dogs and their owners as much as I do.  When I'm not running, biking or walking dogs, you will find me watching my son play baseball, working out at the gym, catching a Chicago Cubs game on TV, reading a good book or experimenting with the latest healthy recipe I found online.  I represent K9 VIP by going to every consultation myself so I get to know our clients and make sure we are providing the best possible services for their dogs. 


Terra Lovelin

Dog Runner/Walker

Terra has been in sunny Las Vegas for the past 5 years.  Prior to Nevada, Terra spent many hundreds, probably thousands of miles running in the beautiful Pacific NW.  A lifelong passion for animals, she grew up in the country with her best friend Kersey, an amazing German Shepard.  Terra currently takes her own dog, Lilly, out for her daily run.  When not running ultra races (her favorite distance is the 50 miler), Terra works in Administration at a local hospital.  Pets have always been a large part of her life and she looks forward to spoiling your dog and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Your dog is in for a great run! 


Brian Lovelin

Dog Runner/Walker/Biker

Five years ago Brian moved to Nevada from Portland, Oregon and his entire lifestyle changed.  He became a long distance runner, a mountain biker and loves to try any new activity that comes his way.  He has dropped almost 80 pounds through this new lifestyle and loves to share his running with furry and human friends and inspire others.  Brian shares three cats and a dog with his wife Terra, works in finance for a local entity, and likes to travel to various trail races in his spare time.  Brian absolutely loves dogs and people and is never without a smile on his face and positive attitude to make your day (and your dog's) a little brighter! 

Ashton website bio image.jpeg

Ashton Hendershot

Dog Runner/Walker

Ashton is new to Vegas but exctied to explore the city through walking and running dogs for K9 VIP! Having grown up in the country, she has raised many animals from horses to pigs, to dogs, cats and rabbits.  Dogs are her favorite though, she has had Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Yorkies, and every mix in between as pets.  As a kid, Ashton used to feed stray dogs that wandered to her house to coerce them to stay, there could never be enough dogs around for her!  With her background in kinesiology and love of the outdoors, your pup is sure to have a good workout with her!  When she's not playing with dogs, Ashton teaches dance and fitness at local dance studios.

John Cross .jpeg

John Cross
Dog Runner/Walker

John moved to Las Vegas from Iowa in the summer of 2020 because of its spectacular weather, outdoor climbing, hiking, and all the other wonderful activities the outdoors offers. He has been an active runner since his cross-country and track days in high school, and enjoys every minute of being outside with your pups, no matter the type of exercise! He grew up with all types of pets, including dogs, cats, leopard geckos, and a turtle named Hector! John and his wife Katelin now have two cats, Frankie and Lilly, both of whom believe they are dogs and absolutely love being outside! Prior to joining K9 VIP, John was an elementary school teacher, and software engineer, though he still serves as a substitute teacher when he feels the itch to get back into the classroom.  When not outside he also enjoys his time as an artist, musician, and photographer. 


Associate Boss Dog

Deja was born in Santa Rosa, CA  in April of 2012.  Her mother, Dar, thrived in hunting and her father, Big, was an award winning show dog.  She moved to Vegas at only 8 weeks old to join Karen's family.  Deja developed into a fast learner, who although was relentlessly determined, also suffered from anxiety and lack of independence.  Although this was a difficult time in her life, everything changed when a slightly beat up, yet handsome chap named Chancellor joined her family.   From that point on Deja had the companionship she needed to regain her confidence and thrive.  Her favorite past times include stalking Chance, stalking birds, watching lizards through the window,  running random circle sprints at the park, sunbathing, and at times, she enjoys the running and biking sessions with Chance and Karen and catching her frisbee, but only when she wants to.  Although she believes her position with K9 VIP to be ranked higher than Chance's, she really is an equal Associate. She is a self-proclaimed diva who loves nothing more than to be held and cuddled.... but again, only when she wants to. Because she's the Boss Dog.  

Chancellor (aka "Chance")

Associate Boss Dog

Chance has come a long way since his days on the street.  He prefers not to discuss the details of that time in his life and his family and friends have come to respect that.  His life turned around once he arrived at the Las Vegas Weimaraner Rescue in 2014, fearful of everything and everyone and covered in scars and scratches.   Life looked bleak, but his optimistic personality never faltered and he was adopted by Karen and her family shortly after.   Since then Chance has built his confidence immensely and found happiness in the simplest things in life:  food, sleep, chasing balls, running and biking with Deja and Karen, drinking water while pretending to be a camel, slobbering that water all over the kitchen floor,  and his favorite thing above all else... peanut butter. He has proven himself to be even tempered and incredibly dependable with an amazing work ethic and endless endurance, which has landed him the position of Associate Boss Dog with K9 VIP.   

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