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Karen Pientka
Dog Runner/Walker/Biker

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When I created K9 VIP in 2017, I combined two of my passions :  dogs and fitness.  My vision for this business was to provide the very best customized exercise services for dogs, because just like people, all dogs are different.  Some do just fine with a walk but others really require a higher intensity and pace for their exercise to benefit them the most.  I am very particular about who I hire for our staff and have compiled an amazing group of fun, athletic, dependable and caring dog lovers to provide you and your dog the very best service!  


I have always valued a healthy and fit lifestyle for as long as I can remember.  In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym and love to mix up my workouts with strength training, HIIT, and flexibility routines.  I love spending time with my own two dogs, Deja & Chance, who were the inspiration for K9 VIP and are my best friends.  I enjoy a good cup of coffee and trying new healthy recipes and value quality time with my two sons, ages 21 & 17.  I hope to continue to grow this business and be able to expand to more areas across the Las Vegas valley! 

John Gagnon
Dog Runner/Walker

John G bio pic.jpg

Hey there! My name is John and I've been working for K9 VIP for a few years now and love it!  I really enjoy getting to walk, run and bond with your pups!  I have two amazing dogs of my own (Border Collie mixes) and ran a doggy daycare for over five years.  Before that I worked for an animal trainer and, as weird as it sounds, traveled to Brazil with him to attend a pet fashion show that he spoke at.  Various breeds walked the runway while sporting different hairstyles and escorted by professional runway models.  It was wild!  I have been around dogs my entire life and consider my pups my best friends!  I look forward to meeting you and your dog soon!


Cory Standish
Dog Runner/Walker

Cory bio pic_edited.jpg

Hi! My name is Cory.  I'm an avid runner and cyclist, currently working towards a degree in cybersecurity.  I've owned various different dogs throughout my life, and have experience with all sizes and personalities.  I currently have two dogs of my own, a pittie and a cattle dog mix, and spend most of my free time outdoors with them.  It's been an absolute pleasure getting to meet so many awesome dogs! K9 VIP felt like an obvious fit for me and I'm happy to be part of the family!

Kallie Koch
Dog Runner/Walker

Kallie bio pic.jpeg

Hi! My name is Kallie.  I am a Vegas local, currently working towards getting my second degree in accounting at UNLV.  Go Rebels!! I come from a very large family, eight siblings to be exact.  Life is always exciting to say the least!  Coming from a large family, I have always been surrounded by a lot of pets, such as dogs, cats and even lizards!  Lolli, a miniature dachshund, has been with my family for ten years now.  I love being a part of the K9 VIP team because spending time around dogs always makes me happy!  It is so fun seeing all of their unique personalities during our walks or runs together!

Amy Riggs
Dog Runner/Walker

Amy bio pic_edited_edited.jpg

Hi, my name is Amy! They say do what you love and it'll never feel like it's work. Well let me tell you, so true! Who doesn't love to be around animals especially dogs? I've grown up being an animal lover, from rescuing to taking care of animals from the minute they are born.  Hands on the most rewarding feeling! I come from a background of having many animals.  Hand feeding baby birds that my mom would find on her walks, to stray homeless cats, bunnies and dogs.  I have three kids, adults now, ages 20, 18 & 17, and five cats and one dog!  I'd have more dogs but Diezel will not allow it, so he's my one and only!  Besides taking care of my family, I have a passion for working out.  I love to go for runs and walks and hiking, and hanging out with friends!

Davin Pientka
Dog Runner/Walker

Davin bio pic.jpeg

Hi, I'm Davin!  I'm 21 years old and happy to be working for my mom's business!  We've had dogs ever since I was born, all Weimaraners.  I grew up with Shimmer, our first Weimaraner and next we got Deja and soonafter, we rescued Chance.  I am very into health and fitness and enjoy going to the gym 5-6 times a week so this side hustle is a perfect fit for me!  I was just 15 when my mom started K9 VIP and have watched it grow over the years, now I'm happy to be a part of it's success.  In my spare time I love to go mountain biking, especially to larger bike parks in Utah or California.  I also love to spend time with my friends and have been told I'm a pretty good cook too, my family vouches for that.  Look forward to meeting more great dogs and owners soon!

Maria Leon
Dog Runner/Walker

Maria bio pic.jpeg

Greetings from sunny Las Vegas! My name is Maria, and I'm excited to be your companion in caring for your beloved furry family members!  I come from a background steeped in a love for animals and the great outdoors.  My three-year-old Golden Doodle, Oso, keeps me on my toes with his boundless energy and uncanny smarts.  We're inseparable, often embarking on hikes around this beautiful city.  I've cherished a lifelong companionship with dogs, and those deep connections are at the heart of what I do.  I can't wait to meet your furry family member and explore the wonders of Las Vegas together!

Michael Safbom
Dog Runner/Walker

Michael bio pic.jpeg

Hello! My name is Michael and I'm so excited to meet your pup! I've been with K9 VIP for around a year, but I have loved working with and interacting with dogs my whole life.  I only own one dog personally, but that just leaves me with more love and energy for yours!  I've owned close to a dozen dogs over my whole life, and have been lucky enough to be around breeds of all shapes and sizes.  Animals have always been some of my closest friends, and being able to forge close connections with them is one of my greatest pleasures!  I hope to get to know you and your dog soon! 

Emily Kline
Dog Runner/Walker

Emily bio pic.jpg

Hello, my name is Emily! I am a recent graduate of Arizona State, and currently am applying to graduate school.  I own two very sweet dogs, and have had many dogs throughout my lifetime.  I am extremely active, love working out, and I play ice hockey in my free time!  I also enjoy rock climbing and cycling as well.  I am looking forward to meeting your furry companions.  Thank you for trusting us with the care of your dogs!

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